headshotAnita M. Charlot is an “Authentic Life and Relationship Architect™” ~ specializing in preparing strong, fiercely independent and professional women SAFIs (and a few smart men) to attract and retain healthy long-term relationships. She creates effective yet deliberate solutions to empower her clients to connect authentically with others in their personal and professional lives. She is a metaphysician, an authentic Relationship Architect™, an author, professional speaker, media host and producer dedicated to teaching others how to design their lives and relationships according to their truth.

 Anita provides a unique combination of Metaphysical principals together with over 25 years of collective business operations, administrative process re-engineering, deliberate marketing solutions, and military and personal transformation experiences to the benefit of all of her clients. Her portfolio of services, professional speaking engagements, products, and workshops enables executive leaders, team members and families, to connect with the reality of who they are while bringing harmony and productivity to the forefront of their personal and professional lives.

Through the Foundational courses, Certificate and Graduate programs, her online relationship school “The Relationship Architect™ Academy” she assists strong, fiercely independent, professional women and a few smart men how to build the relationship that speaks to the truth of who they are by teaching them how to build an honest and authentic relationship with self … first.

She is the mother of two young men and the Diva to two beautiful G-Babies. People often ask how she continues to look so young, she shamelessly shares her secret; when faced with life’s challenges and the “perceived emergencies” of others she lives by her motto…It’s NOT Worth The Wrinkle!™


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